The Mix House



With a range of software and real instruments, we can make your original compositions come to life.

At the mix house, our focus is on the mixing element of the production process. Our goal is to turn your music into masterpieces.

When you need to get your songs heard, you need top quality mastering and we've got you covered.




Check out our listen page to hear some of the previous work done here at The Mix House


The Mix House is owned by Locky Beresford, a producer, engineer, mixer, masterer and guitarist, from Melbourne. He's spent many years honing his craft and at The Mix House, we pride ourselves on delivering professional services in Music Mixing, Mastering and Production with fast turnaround.

Being an online business means that location is not a problem. The Mix House can take projects from anywhere around the globe. We can also cater for all different genres of music, from classical to pop to death metal.

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